Soft tissue thickening at immediate implant placement and GBR with mucoderm® and maxgraft® - Dr. A. Puisys

cerabone® and mucoderm® for immediacy in esthetic zone -Dr. M Motta

Initial view of the case. Discoloration of 1.1 and mild class I gingival recession

botiss mucoderm® for treatment of single gingival recession - Clinical case

Initial clinical situation with Miller class 1 recession

Tooth extraction and socket sealing with mucoderm® - Dr. A. Rossi

Initial clinical situation showing strongly compromised tooth 21

Ridge augmentation in the maxilla with maxgraft® bonebuilder in the aesthetic zone - Dr. M. Kristensen

Bone defect in area 11-21 due to two lost implants (periimplantitis) after 15 years of function

Socket seal with mucoderm® punch

Intact socket following atraumatic tooth extraction

Multiple gingival recessions treated by MCAF in conjunction with mucoderm® - Kasaj

Pre-surgical clinical situation. Multiple adjacent gingival recessions at teeth 12,13 and 14.

Multiple gingival recessions treated by MCAT with mucoderm® and Straumann® Emdogain® (2) - Rathe

Pre-operative clinical situation. Shallow multiple adjacent gingival recessions in the first quadrant.

botiss maxgraft® bonebuilder aesthetic reconstruction - Clinical case

Pre-operative clinical situation: changed color in the gingiva in the front maxilla

Augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - Dr. K. Chmielewski

Preparation of a single tooth defect with severely resorbed vestibular wall

Mucosal thickening around bone level implants - Dr. A. Puisys

Full-thickness flap preparation bucally and lingually

GBR and soft tissue augmentation with cerabone® and mucoderm® - H. Maghaireh & V. Ivancheva

Initial situation: missing teeth #11 & 12 and badly broken #21 root

Augmentation of a traumatic soft tissue defect-Rathe

Initial clinical situation with traumatic loss of tooth 21

GBR together with soft tissue augmentation with mucoderm® and maxresorb® - Scherg

Longitudinal fracture on the root resected tooth 21 with visible buccal fistula

Post extraction socket sealing with mucoderm® - Dr. M. Frosecchi

X-ray showing endodontic failure of the molar

Block augmentation with maxgraft® block and mucoderm® - Dr. K. Chmielewski

Initial situation before surgery. Patient lost central incisors 1 month ago due to endodontic failures

Immediate implantation with maxresorb® - Dr. M. Frosecchi

X-ray control before tooth extraction

Buccal soft tissue augmentation at implant site

Lateral view of initial clinicial situation of missing soft tissue at buccal side

Single gingival recession treated with the envelope technique in conjunction with mucoderm® - Kasaj

Gingival recession at tooth 13. Free gingival graft (FGG) of a previous surgery for root coverage visible.

Widening of the peri-implant keratinized mucosa-Horváth

Lack of sufficient keratinized mucosa following extensive horizontal ridge augmentation

Treatment of a soft tissue deficiency with mucoderm® - Dr. F. Rojas-Vizcaya

Initial clinical situation showing severe soft tissue loss

botiss mucoderm® for coverage of multiple recessions - clinical case by Dr. S. Stavar

Initial clinical situation. Multiple adjacent gingival recessions in regio 11-13.

Regenerative corticotomy to compensate lower incisor malocclusion with cerabone® and mucoderm®

Initial view of the clinical case: Class III malocclusion
Treatment plan: Regenerative corticotomy (PAOO)

Socket preservation with mucoderm® & maxgraft® - Dr. A. Puisys

Pre-operative situation; tooth 21 proved not to be worth preserving