Block augmentation with maxgraft® in the maxilla - Dr. R. Cutts

GBR with cerabone® and Jason® membrane in the front tooth region - Dr. H. Maghaireh

Initial clinical situation with gum recession and labial bone loss eight weeks following tooth extraction

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for horizontal augmentation - Clinical case by Dr. M. Steigmann

Three implants placed in a narrow posterior mandible

botiss cerabone® & collprotect® membrane for GBR - Clinical case by Dr. V. Kalenchuk

Clinical situation with narrow alveolar ridge in the lower jaw

Socket preservation with cerabone® - Dr. P. Kämmerer

Extraction socket grafted with cerabone.

Socket preservation using cerbaone® and permamem® - Dr. A. Caiazzo

Grafting of the extraction socket with small cerabone® granules.

GBR with Jason membrane® and cerabone® - D. Fontana

Lateral view of the defect in the posterior right maxilla.

Sinus lift one-stage with cerabone® and collprotect® membrane - Dr. V. Kalenchuk

Clinical situation of the edentulous distal maxilla before the surgery

botiss cerabone for ridge splitting and augmentation of an atrophic alveolar ridge - Clinical case by Dr. V. Moshirabadi

Situation before augmentation, atrophic alveolar ridge

Reconstruction of maxillary ridge with maxgraft® block -Amit Patel

Initial situation with severe maxillary atrophy

Block augmentation with maxgraft® block and mucoderm® - Dr. K. Chmielewski

Initial situation before surgery. Patient lost central incisors 1 month ago due to endodontic failures

Multiple gingival recessions treated by MCAT with mucoderm® and Straumann® Emdogain® (2) - Rathe

Pre-operative clinical situation. Shallow multiple adjacent gingival recessions in the first quadrant.

Ridge augmentation in the maxilla with maxgraft® bonebuilder in the aesthetic zone - Dr. M. Kristensen

Bone defect in area 11-21 due to two lost implants (periimplantitis) after 15 years of function

cerabone® and mucoderm® for immediacy in esthetic zone -Dr. M Motta

Initial view of the case. Discoloration of 1.1 and mild class I gingival recession

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for GBR - Clinical case by Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Rothamel

Instable bridge situation with abscess formation at tooth #15 after apicoectomy

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for GBR - Clinical case by Dr. S. Kovalevsky

Implant insertion in atrophic alveolar ridge

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for GBR - clinical case by Dr. S. Stavar

Initial clinical situation with broken bridge abutment in regio 12 and tooth 21 not worth preserving

Restoration of all four incisors with two maxgraft® bonering - Dr. B Giesenhagen

Initial situation pre-op: Central incisors with mobility 3

Sinus Floor Elevation with maxgraft® bonering and subcrestal implantation in an eggshell thin sinus - Dr. K. Chmielewski

Initial situation: X-ray scan reveals eggshell thin sinus floor (1-3 mm) on both sites of the maxilla; green areas indicate the planned maxgraft® bonerings and red areas the planned implants

Ridge augmentation with maxgraft® bonebuilder and sinus floor elevation – Dr. K.P. Schiechl

Initial clinical situation: Bone defect in the upper right maxilla (teeth #14-16)

Horizontal ridge augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - M.Sc. E. Kapogianni

OPG of the initial situation – provision of missing denture in regio 44 to 47 by a resin-retained bridge

Regenerative corticotomy to compensate lower incisor malocclusion with cerabone® and mucoderm®

Initial view of the clinical case: Class III malocclusion
Treatment plan: Regenerative corticotomy (PAOO)

Socket preservation with cerabone® - Dr. Rahib Adi Nader

Situation before extraction with single tooth crowns on 21 and 22

Immediate implantation with cerabone® - Dr. D. Siebers

Clinical situation before extraction, crown on tooth 24

Contained intrabony defect treated using Straumann® Emdogain® - Kasaj

Radiographic view before periodontal regenerative therapy with Straumann® Emdogain®. A deep intrabony defect appeared mesially and distally on the left mandibular first premolar. Pre-surgical probing measured 8 mm. The defect morphology presented as well-contained.

GBR and soft tissue augmentation with cerabone® and mucoderm® - H. Maghaireh & V. Ivancheva

Initial situation: missing teeth #11 & 12 and badly broken #21 root

Intrabony defect treated using collprotect® membrane & cerabone® (1) - Cosgarea & Sculean

Pre-surgical probing reveals a deep intrabony defect on the distal aspect of the upper canine.

botiss cerabone® & Jason® membrane for block augmentation with autologous bone blocks - clinical case by Dr. S. Stavar

Initial clinical situation with single tooth gap in regio 21

botiss cerabone® & Jason® fleece for immediate implantation - Clinical case by Dr. D. Jelušić

Clinical situation before extraction and implantation

Advanced vertical augmentation in posterior maxilla with maxgraft® bonering - Dr. A. Isser

Initial situation 57-year old female patient. X-ray scan reveals severe bone loss due to inflammation in region 13. Treatment plan was extraction of teeth 13 and 14 and augmentation after healing.

Immediate implant placement using cerabone® and Jason® fleece - Dr. D. Jelušić

Pre-operative situation showing tooth 21 with deep periodontal pocket. Tooth presented with mobility grade III.

Block augmentation with maxgraft® block - Dr. Damir Jelušić, Croatia

CAD/CAM-based 3D image of maxillary ridge before surgery

Block augmentation with maxgraft® in the maxilla - PD Dr. Dr. F. Kloss

Initial situation - bone defect in maxilla after loosing right canine

Restoration of buccal bone lamella in aesthetic zone with maxgraft® bonering - Dr. A. Patel

Initial situation: bone loss due to lack of physical load of bridge retained region 11