collacone® - resorbable, natural collagen wound dressing cone


Natural collagen cone
collacone® is a wet-stable and moldable cone made of natural collagen. As a completely resorbable and hemostatic wound coverage, it is intended for the application in fresh extraction sockets in the daily clinical practice.
  • Closure of extraction sites
  • Biopsy sites
  • Minor oral wounds
  • Control and stop of bleeding
    in extraction sockets or
    biopsy sites
  • Internal sinus lift

Application and shaping

After opening the package, the collacone® is taken out with dry sterile instruments, placed and lightly pressed onto the cleaned wound with swabs. The collacone® can easily be cut to the necessary size with a sterile pair of scissors.


Generally, dry application of collacone® is recommended, since soaking or moistening the cone prior to implantation may impair its hemostatic properties. At the defect site the fleece rapidly soaks up blood. The collacone® maintains integrity in the presence of blood and during application.


At contact with the wet wound surface, the collacone® sticks to the wound and forms a gel like bond with the blood. Fixation by cross- or holding sutures could help keeping the cone in place when applied in extraction sockets.


In case of a dehiscence the wound usually heals without complications by granulation tissue formation and free contraction.

Socket preservation with permamem® - Dr. M. Turco

Situation before tooth extraction.

Full maxillary reconstruction with maxgraft® bonebuilder - Dr. C. Hilscher

Initial x-ray, ten years post implantationem alio loco, large peri-implant bone loss

Socket preservation with collacone® - Dr. K. Chmielewski

Central and lateral incisors are planned for extraction

Ridge augmentation with maxgraft® bonebuilder and sinus floor elevation – Dr. K.P. Schiechl

Initial clinical situation: Bone defect in the upper right maxilla (teeth #14-16)

  • Resorption within 2 to 4 weeks
  • Stabilization of blood clot and efficient local hemostasis
  • Maintains integrity in the presence of blood and during application
  • Wound protection
  • Three dimensional matrix for tissue ingrowth
  • Controlled wound healing process
  • Natural collagen cone
  • Hemostyptic reactivity





~16 mm height, width on top ~11 mm, bottom width ~7 mm

12 pieces (single sterile units)

collacone® - resorbable, natural collagen wound dressing cone
collacone® - resorbable, natural collagen wound dressing cone

After tooth removal, the healing of an extraction socket requires the formation and maturation of a blood clot, followed by the infiltration of fibroblasts that replace the coagulum; finally, the application of a provisional matrix allows the formation of new bone tissue. The spongy structure of collacone® ensures an easy and fast application in extraction sockets. Notably, the structure of the cone is maintained after insertion into the defect.

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