collprotect® membrane - native collagen membrane

collprotect® membrane

Native collagen membrane
collprotect® membrane is a native collagen membrane made of porcine dermis. Its multistep cleaning process ensures the removal of all antigenic and non-collagenous components, at the same time preserving its natural collagen structure.
  • Horizontal augmentation
  • Socket and ridge preservation
  • Sinus lift
  • Protection and covering of the Schneiderian membrane
  • Fenestration and dehiscence defects
  • Intrabony defects (1- 3 wall)
  • Furcations defects (class I and II)


The membrane can easily be cut-to-size with scissors or a scalpel to fit the defect. It is recommended to cut the membrane in dry status prior to application, although shaping the membrane after rehydration is also possible.


Normally, fixation is not necessary, because of the excellent ability of the collprotect® membrane to adhere to the underlying tissue as well as adapt to surface contours. However, the collprotect® membrane supports suturing and pinning if required.


In case of a dehiscence the wound usually heals without complications by granulation tissue formation and free contraction. Nevertheless, exposure of the membrane should be avoided since the fast bacterial resorption that occurs significantly reduces the barrier function of the membrane. In cases of unstable soft tissue situations, or if a wound dehiscence is expected to occur, it is recommended to cover the collprotect® membrane with a Jason® fleece for protection of the wound healing area (soaked with antibiotics, where applicable).

Lateral augmentation

For lateral augmentation it is advantageous to place the dry membrane upright in the defect initially, and then fill the defect with a graft material. After rehydration the membrane may be turned down over the defect.

Protection of the Schneiderian membrane

To protect the Schneiderian membrane from damage, a membrane may be introduced before filling the sinus cavity with the bone graft material.

botiss maxresorb® and collprotect® membrane for bone splitting - case by Dr J Neugebauer

Surgical presentation of the alveolar ridge with reduced amount of horizontal bone available

Lateral sinus lift with maxresorb® and collprotect® membrane - Dr. Frank Kistler

DVT control after sinusitis surgery, residual bone height 1 mm

Horizontal ridge augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - M.Sc. E. Kapogianni

OPG of the initial situation – provision of missing denture in regio 44 to 47 by a resin-retained bridge

Immediate implant placement in the maxilla with contour GBR - Dr. K. Loukas

The patient presented with a terminal fracture of the crown tooth number 12

botiss cerabone® & collprotect® membrane for GBR - Clinical case by Dr. V. Kalenchuk

Clinical situation with narrow alveolar ridge in the lower jaw

Block augmentation with maxresorb®, collprotect® membrane & autologous bone blocks - Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Rothamel

Extended horizontal and vertical defect of the maxilla following tumor resection and reconstruction with a scapula graft

Sinus lift one-stage with cerabone® and collprotect® membrane - Dr. V. Kalenchuk

Clinical situation of the edentulous distal maxilla before the surgery

GBR with maxresorb® and collprotect® membrane - Dr. G. Bayer

DVT image showing the reduced amount of bone available in the area of the mental foramen

  • Three dimensional natural collagen matrix
  • Controlled wound healing and blood clot support
  • Easy application and handling in dry or wet status
  • Can be cut to shape for specific procedures
  • Rough and porous structure for cell guidance
  • Natural collagen structure
  • Thickness approx. 0.4 mm





15x20 mm

1 x membrane


20x30 mm

1 x membrane


30x40 mm

1 x membrane

Ice-cone cream technique with maxresorb® and collprotect® – Dr. Alfonso Caiazzo (Italy)
Ice-cone cream technique with maxresorb® and collprotect® – Dr. Alfonso Caiazzo (Italy)
collprotect® membrane - native collagen membrane
collprotect® membrane - native collagen membrane

The unique processing as well as the open-porous and the three-dimensional collagen structure of collprotect® membrane are the basis for its safe application in dental bone and tissue regeneration. Owing to its natural hemostyptic function, the membrane enables early wound stabilization, thus supporting the natural wound healing. The rough surface of collprotect® membrane facilitates a fast integration into the surrounding soft tissue.


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