Implant placement and bone augmentation in the aesthetic zone using maxgraft® and permamem® - Dr. A. Puišys

Augmentation with maxgraft® cortico - Dr. K. Chmielewski

Preparation of a single tooth defect with severely resorbed vestibular wall

Block grafting in the aesthetic zone with maxgraft®, Jason® membrane and cerabone® - Dres. H. Maghaireh and V. Ivancheva

Initial situation – Treatment plan: Replace the adhesive upper left central incisor bridge with a dental implant

Full bone regeneration in extraction socket augmented with maxgraft® and Jason® membrane – Dr. C. Landsberg

Initial clinical situation: 9 mm pocket depth associated with root fracture


Initial situation - A young female 34 years old lost her front teeth in an surfing accident and she had a 5 unit bridge supported by her upper left lateral and right canine. The restoration failed and both supporting crowns have exposed and leaking margins.