Soft tissue augmentation and GBR with mucoderm® and maxresorb® - Dr. S. Scherg

GBR with maxresorb® and collprotect® membrane - Dr. G. Bayer

DVT image showing the reduced amount of bone available in the area of the mental foramen

Immediate implantation with maxresorb® - Dr. M. Frosecchi

X-ray control before tooth extraction

Bone augementation with maxresorb® - Dr. R. Cutts

Initial situation: Inflammated tooth #12

cerabone® and mucoderm® for immediacy in esthetic zone -Dr. M Motta

Initial view of the case. Discoloration of 1.1 and mild class I gingival recession

botiss mucoderm® for treatment of single gingival recession - Clinical case

Initial clinical situation with Miller class 1 recession

Single gingival recession treated with the envelope technique in conjunction with mucoderm® - Kasaj

Gingival recession at tooth 13. Free gingival graft (FGG) of a previous surgery for root coverage visible.

botiss maxresorb® and collprotect® membrane for bone splitting - case by Dr J Neugebauer

Surgical presentation of the alveolar ridge with reduced amount of horizontal bone available

botiss maxresorb®, Jason fleece® and collprotect® membrane for sinus lift and simultaneous implantation - case by Dr. F. Kistler

DVT image demonstrating horizontal and vertical amount of bone available

Mucosal thickening around bone level implants - Dr. A. Puisys

Full-thickness flap preparation bucally and lingually

GBR and soft tissue augmentation with cerabone® and mucoderm® - H. Maghaireh & V. Ivancheva

Initial situation: missing teeth #11 & 12 and badly broken #21 root

Tooth extraction and socket sealing with mucoderm® - Dr. A. Rossi

Initial clinical situation showing strongly compromised tooth 21